Copper in the Clouds

Our journey into the world of spirits began with the formation of a community, bringing together passionate people who wanted access to limited edition releases from the country’s finest distilleries. You can only orchestrate exclusive bottlings for so long before needing to explore the creative process yourself. Copper in the Clouds is just that, a small team, on a farm in Hertfordshire, continually exploring the world of flavour.

Every spirit we create starts with the same question. What story do we want this liquid to tell? From celebration spirits to woodland walks, each distillate tells its own tale. The perfection of the process, communicating stories through spirits, will be our lifetimes work.

It’s our belief that life’s special moments deserve special spirits. We exist to create products which will be cherished and savoured by all who drink them. Aiming only for exceptional every step of the way. We look forward to sharing our spirits with you in the future.

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