County Councillor Sponsor - Jeff Jones

I met up with our local CC, Jeff Jones, over a cuppa to have a chat about this years Summer Arts in Buntingford Festival.

So Jeff, what was it about this particular Buntingford event that prompted you to sponsor?

A few years back I helped the Youth Council organised their music festival called Summer Explosion which was a fantastic event, well attended by young people. I also have been involved with the Buntingford Seniors Christmas Lunch which has been running for five years now. When I learned of the Summer Arts Festival I realised that this filled the other generational gap that I had been looking for and promptly ring-fenced an amount from my locality budget. This event also fits in with the Hertfordshire Year of Culture which is fantastic.

Where did your interest in music come from?

My first concert was at Hyde Park watching the Rolling Stones when I was 14 and I did piano lessons at school but stopped once I left. My main musical influence has been supporting my son when he was playing guitar in a local band. I've clapped and cheered my way through many a gig and now he works in the music industry as a technician and is involved with musical theatre.

How do you think the Summer Arts Festival will benefit Buntingford?

People just love a live music event, especially in Buntingford. It is a great opportunity to showcase our excellent local talent not only in the music scene but also in the creative one. There are so many amazing talented craft people in our area and this event will give them the opportunity to show the town and beyond, their creative skills. Speaking of a creative side, I have always enjoyed photography and even had my own dark room until a short time ago. I know that this will be a wonderful event and enjoyed with a wide range of people with something to suit everyone.

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